Print13 Expo in Chicago – Digital Print Is King

Lloyds of Indiana took time out of its busy schedule to head to Chicago for the annual Print Expo at McCormick Place. The question we keep asking ourselves is what’s next in binding machines, laminators, and digital printing? Are there new UV Coating Systems available outside what we have seen in the market the past couple of years? Are there new document cutting systems that can be pre-programmed to run projects automatically? We found some great products we hope to offer our customers soon.

Let’s look at some of the changesPrint 13 Expo in Chicago

It is clear that changes are happening in the printing business. In years past, the Print Expo occupied 2 floors at McCormick place. This year, it was only on one floor. Overall, I would estimate that the number of vendors is about a third of what it used to be. One of the biggest omissions this year was Heidelberg-Harris. In years past they would display a large press and own the middle of the show. This year, they were not even there.

So what did we see?

We saw a lot of new type of digital printing that can produce high end works of print art. Some of the machines range in the 1.3 million range to some small desktop machines that could be affordable for any office or small print shop. We even found a small desktop laminator that feeds, laminates and cuts automatically.

MBM Aerocut MachineWe are now carrying MasterBind USA binding machine system. In the next few days, we will be posting a great offer they have on getting started with their system. Their channel bind is one of the easiest systems to use. It creates an excellent bind that does not fall out of place with no need for thermal. If you have wire or coil punches today, you can use them too. We are excited about this new system because it allows for custom covers like no system out there. Check our site later this week for an update on MasterBind produts.

In addition to MasterBind, we are looking to carry some more machines in our catalog. You will continue to find a large selection of Akiles Binding Machines, Tamerica Binding Machines, Rhin-o-Tuff Binding Machines at Lloyds of indiana.

We are looking at adding more UV Coating Machines, Paper Cutters, Paper Folders and possible wire binding machines to help those with volume jobs.UV Coating Machines

There were a lot of exciting products and approaches to digital printing this year at Print 2013 in Chicago. Lloyds of Indiana will continue to work on staying ahead of the game and making sure our catalog gives our clients the best in document finishing.

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