Formax FD 552 Low Volume Industrial Burster (FD 550 with imprinter)

The Formax FD 552 Low Volume Burster is a nice variation of the FD 550, adding an imprinter to its list of impressive feats.

How is it Used?

Not only does it move 200 feet per minute, it can run this way up to five hours per day, five days a week. That’s 300,000 feet of paper possible for a week’s work. The Formax 552 model does this with a tractor feed and margin slitters. It can accommodate sheets 2 3/8” – 16” in width and 2 3/4” – 12” in length. There are some cool options for this series of bursters like tri-color ink roll (for your imprints), a power drop stacker, photo-cell counter (6-digit), or a static eliminator. Mix and match to create the perfect machine for your application.

And How Much Does it Cost

The Formax FD 552 Low Volume Industrial Burster is $9,395 at Lloyd’s. We’ll throw in free shipping and a gift with your purchase.

For more information on the Formax FD 552 or to place an order, please visit the Lloyd’s website.

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