Why Your Church Needs a Folding Machine

If you work in a large church, more than 1,000 attendees, you know the problem associated with getting ready for Sunday morning. Not only do you have to print the bulletins, you have to fold them. And as anyone who’s folded 1,000 programs every Thursday, it can be enough to try the patience of a saint.

That’s where a document folding machine can come in handy. These little beauties start under $900 for a basic model, and the more advanced machines ring in around $3,000. They can fold an average of 10,000 sheets per hour (or your entire stack of bulletins in about 6 minutes). They’re easy to operate, and they’re a real space saver, since most folding machines are tabletop models.

(For example, a basic model like the Formax FD 320 Tabletop Document Folder is $1,705.50, and can fold 11,000 copies per hour.)

So why, if a church needs to be careful with their money (especially since giving is down in a bad economy), should you consider a folding machine? Think of it this way: you pay your administrative assistant $12 per hour to help you do your regular churchly duties. But while she’s doing all that, at $12 per hour, she’s also folding bulletins.

If it takes her 4 hours to fold those bulletins, it costs you approximately $50 per week (especially when you consider the hidden costs of benefits, break times, and holidays). But if you can get those bulletins folded in minutes, and not hours, you’re saving that $50 in labor.

In other words, the savings can pay for that machine in less than a year.

Bottom line. You get your folder from Lloyd’s with free shipping and great customer service. And the price is so good, you pay for it with only a few uses. So, think about it… What can a document folding machine do for your church?

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