Formax 6402 Series Inserters

At up to 4,000 pieces/hour the Formax 6402 Series Inserters mean serious business. Two, four and six station models can be configured for almost any folding and inserting application.

How is it Used?

The Formax 6402 Series Inserters hold up to 325 sheets in each feeder standard with the option to switch one out for the production feeder which holds up to 325 BRE’s and 1,200 sheets of paper. This optional feeder will greatly increase hopper capacity and will reduce your loading time.

The Formax 6402 Inserters’ full-color touchscreen control panel is easy. So, with the 25 programmable jobs and up to six feeders the possibilities are limitless. Your only problem will be deciding which one to order.

And How Much Does it Cost?

The Formax 6402 Series Inserters are $21,495 at Lloyd’s and qualify for free shipping and a free gift. Plus, there are lots of optional pieces to add on to this model to make your jobs go even faster.

For more information on the Formax 6402 Series Inserters or to place an order, please visit the Lloyd’s website.

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