The Benefits of Magalogs Over Catalogs

Why choose a magalog over an old-school catalog? Here’s why:

Higher Reader Retention Rate

Because a magalog’s content tends to be more editorial and therefore engaging, readers are more likely to hang on to it the way they would hang on to a magazine. You get a catalog in the mail, you might flip through it and then recycle it, right? But, you get a magazine in the mail that’s stuffed with informative articles and captivating content and you’re more inclined to keep it longer or even share it with others.

The more informative or useful the content, the more likely the reader will keep the magalog.

More Sales Opportunities

Because a magalog has more copy, there are more opportunities to creatively push and sell your products. That doesn’t mean every inch of text has to be dripping with advertising, just that you have more options for pushing your product than a tiny 3×2″ copy square next to its picture.

In other words, you can weave product mentions into your editorial content, highlight products in accompanying photos or discuss multiple products in one piece.

For example, I just picked up a point-of-sale magalog from a local winery. Sure, there’s an order form in the back and a listing of their products, but it’s so much more than a catalog. It’s full of articles about wine, meal pairings and even recipes and each of those content pieces is, in turn, stuffed with product mentions.

Quality Construction

Typically, catalogs are stapled together. It’s fast and it’s cheap. With a magalog, part of the appeal is in the design and the construction. That means using a bindery and high-quality binding equipment. For thicker magalogs, you could use glue or Unibind systems. Meanwhile, more compact magalogs can be bound using binding equipment like the Akiles DuoMac or with the fine finish of coil that the CoilMac provides.

Fewer Items, More Highlights

Magalogs tend to focus on in-depth copy and really delving into a product or topic. On the other hand, catalogs are exactly that – catalogs, compilations of records. They’re lists of your products with just the basics and could really be reduced down to little more than a table.

By focusing on fewer products in a magalog, you can highlight more selling points and really push sales on those key items.

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