How to Implement and Sell RFID Tags – Part 2

You may want to go after RFID tag business, but you’re holding back because you don’t know how to sell the product or quote for it. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.

Partner Before You Invest

Before you invest in RFID printers or chip inserters, consider partnering with an existing RFID manufacturer or printer. They can help you answer customer questions, meet customer needs and finally fulfill that end order without having to jump right into the deep end of RFID technology.

Quoting for RFID Printing Jobs

Going after RFID tag or label printing business is almost exactly the same as preparing a quote for a standard label, just with an extra step for the added technology. Start by compiling your standard label basics – the width, length, adhesive, printing, perforation, face material, carrier and so on. From there, get into the nitty gritty for the RFID.

Ask how your client plans on encoding information onto the chips. If they’re using an RFID printer, this can help you determine the pitch or placement of the RFID inlay. Next, find out what materials your client plans on attaching the labels to – remember, metals and liquids can affect an RFID signal. Finally, figure out if your client needs you or your partner to be responsible for all of the encoding.

Getting More Information

The RFID Journal – A paid subscription magazine on RFID technology, but their FAQ is free.

Print Professional Magazine – If you can wade through the mass of press releases from RFID companies, you’ll find some gem articles in here about RFID technology and how it applies to the print industry.

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