Corn Hole Anyone?

Not all of our print jobs are trade show signage or banner prints. Because the Legend 72 HUV printer can print on almost any surface, we’ve been able to try some cool things and make some pretty neat stuff.

In fact, one surprise market has been the popularity of printing on plywood for customized corn hole games (also known as tailgate tosses). It’s great, clients come in with a design or a request and we can make a custom 2×4 plywood panel for as little as $150.

We used to play this game for fun at family events, but it turns out people are actually pretty serious about corn hole. Did you know the American Cornhole Association sanctions Cornhole tournaments across the country? They’re everywhere. Corn hole may be a little silly, but it’s fun and it’s also a great example of how the flexibility of the Legend 72 opened up a whole new market for us.

Note: If you’re thinking about contacting local businesses or corn hole tournaments about making any type of custom games, make sure you stay away from orders that may involve copyright infringement. We get a lot of requests to put team logos on a board, but unless we can get the licensing for that client, it’s a legal no-no. (Check out our trademark & copyright print shop reference for more info on that.)

Check out these cool corn hole boards created by an excellent Chicago based designer.


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