Presenting the 27″ Commercial Roll Laminator

It’s big, it’s bad and it’s super durable. The Tamerica TCC 27” Commercial Roll Laminator is a massive laminator capable of taking on most small to medium-sized printing shop or larger school-based jobs.

What Does it Do?
The Tamerica 27” Commercial Roll Laminator has features like variable speeds and a reverse function. It can also handle laminating materials up to 1/16” in thickness while it plows through an impressive 3.99 feet of lamination per minute. Most importantly though, it’s easy to use – making it ideal for schools and community organizations.

It’s designed to be loaded with rolls of lamination film up to 500 feet in length, meaning no more messing around with pouches. This is the big time. The adjustable feed guide makes loading and laminating easy while the pressure control function lets you have a higher level of control on every job. In short, it’s a great commercial loader for the price and the included features.

And How Much Does it Cost?
Lloyds sells the Tamerica 27” Commercial Roll Laminator for $1579.00. The unit also comes with a 1 year warranty and an optional Lloyd’s extended warranty.

For more information on the Tamerica 27” Commercial Roll Laminator, visit our website.

Price: $1579.00 (CAD $1681.32)


Has Your GBC Pro-Click Binding Machine Busted?

Does your GBC Pro-Click Binding Machine no longer work?picture of rhin-o-tuff binding punch die selection

We have had several people approach us regarding their GBC Pro-Click machine that has busted. Their challenge? They can’t get the parts to fix it.

This is not the first time we have heard this from GBC customers. Parts replacement seems to be a problem for machines that are no longer in production.

Unless you are trying to double your production and increase margins on your production work, why buy a new machine if you can simply repair what you have?

In several situations, this has not worked out for some of our GBC customers looking for parts.

So, instead, they are looking for a machine that can still use the GBC Pro-Click binding spines with another machine that can do the punching. The good news is there is a solution.

A Rhin-O-Tuff binding machine is a good replacement. Rhin-O-Tuff is a commercial binding machine that has inter-changeable dies for coil, wire or comb. In addition, they have over 20 different dies to support your binding.

If you are using a GBC Pro-Click spine, you only need to use the Rhin-O-Tuff wire punch die. If you ever need a repair, there are always parts available. Chances are, you will not because Rhin-O-Tuff is a pretty solid machine for heavy duty work. You can download their die_punch_patterns catalog here, or visit the Rhin-O-Tuff die listings on our website.

So, no worries GBC customers, there is an alternative out there to support your continued use of the GBC Pro-Click binding spines.

Five Tools Print Shops Can Use to Improve Profitability

 It’s one thing to print pages, but what if your customer wants you to bind them? You printed 5,000 sales letters, but now the customer wants to take them somewhere else for mailing? You’re losing out on some valuable revenue by not having a couple extra machines around your office. Add extra profitability to your shop by offering each of these services.

  • UV Coater. Adding a UV Coater will give you the capability to apply hi-gloss, satin or matte coating almost onany printed sheet. There are many configurations to the available coaters on the market. Sizes range from 18” to 30” with a modular design to allow for added coil binding machinecomponents like automatic feeders. This is also an environmentally friendly way to apply a finish to your printing. There’s even one line of UV coating that is 99.9% VOC free – exceeding all environmental air quality regulations. Add that to your marketing and get some new green-minded customers.
  • Binding Machines. Whether it’s low volume presentation binding or high volume commercial applications, binding machinery is a low-cost, yet crucial component to a successful shop. Prepare a presentations or proposals, books or newsletters with the look and feel your customers desire by having available comb, coil, wire or perfect binding. If you bind it, they will come.
  • Letter Folding Machine. Add fulfillment services to your shop. Every office needs to send mailed picture of a paper folderstatements, invoices and other marketing material. If it’s going out in a traditional envelope style, there’s a folder to automate the process. These machines fold thousands of sheets per hour. There are tabletop models for low volume or floor models for high volume, but they’re all easy to setup and operate.
  • Envelope Stuffing Machine. While you’re folding some projects, you might as well run an inserter for picture of letter inserterothers. Save time and money by speeding up your mail processing. Inserters and pressure sealers keep your jobs in a neat sequential order so they’re ready for outgoing mail bins. Some inserters can fold and stuff up to five different sheets and BRE’s at 4,000 sheets per hour. Plus, a pressure sealer adds a whole new product type to your offerings.
  • Laminating Machine. Laminating adds durability and professionalism to any printing project. Toner, ink jet and UV inks alone are not very durable, but by adding even a thin laminate coating you can prevent ink cracking and insures a long handling life to a piece. Lamination also adds to the look and feel of your work You can impress customers and upsell projects like akiles prolam laminatorprinting for photos, charts, posters and signage.

Improve your profits by adding to your catalog of finishing services. Lloyds of Indiana has competitive prices and a variety of models in each of these categories.

Plastic ID Badge Clips Make You OSHA Compliant

OSHA has issued a new ruling that effects those organizations that need to protect workers from arc-flash protection. While it is primarily directed at Power companies, it can also be applied to environments where working with electrical equipment could cause an electric arc-flash. The risk to workers are severe burns and even accidental death.picture of black plastic id badge clip

Is your company even thinking about this ruling?

The long-overdue final rule updating a 40-year-old standard will save nearly 20 lives and prevent 118 serious injuries annually. Electric utilities, electrical contractors, and labor organizations have long championed these much needed measures to better protect the men and women who work on or near electrical power lines.
— Dr. David Michaels Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health

ID Badge Clips are quite common in any work environment. Metal id badge clips could cause problems in factories where heavy machines are being used. To be on the safe side, why not just use plastic non-conductive Id badge clips? They are non-conductive and could help prevent the type of accident that highlighted by OSHA. Why risk injury or death of an employee.

Lloyds of Indiana has a variety of Plastic ID Badge Clips available. You can check them out here:

Price: $49.00 (CAD $52.18)
Select Color

OffiTrim Tabletop Paper Cutter

Not all tabletop paper cutters are the same

This looks like your average everyday tabletop paper cutter, but the OffiTrim Tabletop Paper Cutter is a cut above the rest with its heavy duty construction and extra features not found in other cutters in its class.

How is it Used?

The OffiTrim Tabletop Paper Cutter is simple. Starting with the measuring surface, which features a refined antirust treatment, you’ll line up your project on the clearly marked horizontal and vertical ruler-point system. Once in place a pressing bar will firmly hold your paper and the stainless hardened steel knife will efficiently cut your paper while a magnetic paper stopper keep you from making mistakes. When you’re done an automatic return safety control will keep your co-workers from doing something silly.

The OffiTrim Tabletop Paper Cutter also comes in two sizes. It all depends on how wide you expect your projects to get. The OffiTrim-1512 will accomodate up to a 15″ cut, while the OffiTrim-1518 will slice a 18″ sheet.

And How Much Does it Cost?

The OffiTrim Tabletop Paper Cutter models are available at Lloyd’s at a great price. The OffiTrim-1512 is $57.80.  The OffiTrim-1518 is $77.90, plus we’ll throw in free shipping and a gift with your purchase.

For more information on the Roll@Blade High Precision Rotary Paper Trimmer or to place an order, please visit the Lloyd’s website.

Price: $57.80 (CAD $61.55)

OffiTrim Model


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