Akiles Versamac Commercial Binding Machine

If you are doing a lot of binding for clients, the only kind of machine you should have is a commercial Picture of a akiles versamac binding machinepunch machine that can handle an interchangeable die system. The versatile machines handle any punch you need including coil, wire, comb, or Velo binding.


Akiles Versmac falls into this category. It is a robust punch machine that can handle any kind of punch binding you need to get done. There are 2 Versamac machines available. They include:

The Akiles Versamac Electric Punch Machine

This is an excellent commercial binding machine for doing standard binding projects and the use of interchangeable dies. It can handle up to 55 sheets of paper per punch. It has an industrial grade punch motor. It can handle up to 14” width of the paper. Interchangable dies with adjustable pins. It’s perfect for any print shop.

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If you are processing large punch projects for customers. This commercial binding machine provides a semi-automatic process of punch and stacking your documents. It can handle up to 500 sheets a minute. It stacks up to 1500 pages a time. It too has an interchangeable die system. You punch your sheets, it will then move the punched document over to be stacked. It can handle up to 14” width of the paper. It also has a great 3-year warranty.

Akiles makes a large selection of stand-alone binding machines to match any office need. Witht he Versamac line of punch machines, you are getting the flexibility and production for any print shop.

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