This Binding Coil Crimper Makes A Good Coil Cutter

If you are purchasing a coil binding machine, a coil crimper is a must have tool.40-rhin-o-tuff-crimping-pliers-demo

Have you ever coil-bound a book only to have the pages slowly but surely slide off the coil over a period of days, weeks or even months? Have you ever just pulled a coil binding out with one good yank? A good hand-held  binding coil crimper can prevent that.

What Does it Do?

This rugged tool is specifically designed to cut and then crimp the ends off of any binding coil after it runs through your punched document. Not only does crimping hold the coil in place longer, it also prevents those nasty coil snags which can either hurt your skin or rip any and all nearby fabric or paper. Not overly complex or fancy, this is a well-made hand tool designed to do an essential job.

And How Much Does it Cost?

Priced at just $29, these hand-held binding coil crimpers are a steal at Lloyd’s. Customers also have the option of purchasing an extended replacement warranty, though these all-manual, heavy-duty metal crimpers tend to last for years, if not decades.

It’s a simple tool, but a necessary one for anyone generating documents using plastic binding coil.


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