ID Badges Offer Security Benefits

With security on almost everyone’s mind these days, Photo ID badge systems have become relevant for everyone. Photo ID badges are the first line of defense in many organizations’ security programs. Photo ID badges fulfill the basic need to know “who’s who”; additionally, utilizing printed bar codes and encoded magnetic stripes will help you get the most of out of your badges.

Who Uses Photo ID Badges?

  • Federal, State and Local governments around the world are using Fargo Badge Printers to secure personnel and facilities, and ease transactions between badge holders and administrative offices. ID cards help resolve security and efficiency issues for governmental entities.
  • Organizations are using Fargo Card Identity Solutions to make ID badges, time and attendance tracking, payroll processing, and access control of facilities and information more secure and cost-effective.
  • Schools and Universities are using photo ID systems to issue student, staff and faculty ID badges and link their ID’s to library checkout, cafeteria payment, bookstore purchasing and more. ID card printers are great for fitness centers, health clubs, schools, retirement homes, hospitals, and any organization that needs to know “who is who”.
Let Lloyds of Indiana, Inc. help find the right ID system for your needs, they have the extended knowledge and experience assisting companies with ID badge systems. They Stock a large variety of ID systems, including the Fargo Electronics line (Fargo ID badge printers are top of the line and have a great warranty). Below is an informative list of offers exclusively from

ID Badge Software

If you need to print military IDs or other identification badges look over our id badge software. We offer multiple software packages and printers to meet your needs. EpiSuite is a robust photo ID software solution and Nfive Card 5 is personal id software to design cards from a database. Jolly Technologies Print Sudio is our most versitle software package, Read below for more information. Browse our selection of id badge software including: EpiSuite, Card 5, Smart Card and more!

For a full list of ID Badge Software offered by Lloyds of Indiana, Inc. click here.

Digital Photo Id Cameras

Lloyds of Indiana offers digital photo ID camera solutions for you id badge needs. Create high resolution photos for import or direct capture into your badge software. Choose from Video capture web cams or still digital cameras. Digital ID cameras now support live image capture.

For a full list of Digital Photo ID Cameras offered by Lloyds of Indiana, Inc. click here.

Fargo ID Badge Printers

Do you need a Fargo photo ID badge printeror ID System? If you print ID cards for school, university or your business, Lloyds of Indiana, Inc. has the Id badge printer you need. Make sure you get quality printed badges with our photo ID card system. Our Fargo brand printers offer the quality and reliability you need. Get the Fargo ID badge printer or id badge card printer you need by clicking here.

Lloyds of Indiana, Inc. is your source for  Fargo brand printers and id badge printing supplies. We stock Blank PVC cards and Fargo ribbons and cartridges as well as a full line of id accessories including neck lanyards, badge clips, badge holders and other id supplies.

For a full list of Fargo ID Badge Printers offered by Lloyds of Indiana, Inc. click here.

Fargo Printer Supplies

We stock a full line of Fargo printer supplies for all of your identification needs, including printer ribbons, cartridges, overlaminates, blank PVC cards, magnetic stripe cards, cleaning kits and all Fargo brand printer supplies.

For superior print quality and enhanced security, there’s simply no more reliable, more cost-effective combination than Fargo Card Identity Solutions and Fargo Certified Supplies. Print ribbons, film, overlaminates and cards are precisely designed and rigorously tested to maximize print quality and the performance of Fargo printer.

For a full list of Fargo Printer Supplies offered by Lloyds of Indiana, Inc. click here.

ID Badge Accessories

ID Badge Holders, Clips, Badge Reels, Neck Lanyards

Lloyds of Indiana offers ID badge accessories. Choose from neck lanyards, reels, holders and clips. Make your ID easy to access for time and attendance or door access with a badge reel and acrylic holder. Produce your own custom luggage tags with our luggage loops or straps.

For a full list of ID Badge Accessories offered by Lloyds of Indiana, Inc. click here.

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