How Do I Choose the Right Folding Machine for My Office?

In this series of posts, “How do I choose?”, we will help you take a little of the guesswork out of selecting the best print finish product for your shop or office. It’s sometimes difficult to find the right machine to fit your needs when there are so many models.

Lloyd’s has 15 paper folding machines to choose from, but which one is right for your office? This is an investment, so there are several things to consider.

A folding machine in your corporate office will save time and money by automating the folding of your invoices, letters and other documents. Tabletop paper folding machines fly through thousands of sheets per hour and quickly become an incredible asset to productivity.

The first question to ask yourself is what are you folding now and what might you be folding in five years? Sort of a silly question I know, but it may be that invoices and contracts are the only thing you’re putting in the mail right now and they only require a typical “z” type fold. But, perhaps next year the company brochure will change and you’ll handle it’s printing in-house. It would be a shame to find out then that your folding machine can’t handle the custom fold required and you have to pay to have it done elsewhere. In this case, application and flexibility are key.

Speed is always an issue as well. The speed in which your machine is cranking out a folded finished product can vary significantly. An economical choice may fold 7,200/hour, but you can more than double that in other models. And you must also consider set-up time. A are easy to set-up, but simply take more time than an automatic programmable tabletop folder like the next level up.

Remember, the idea behind the paper folder is to save staff time (and boredom) in manually folding documents for daily mail, newsletters, and brochures. Find the right folder at Lloyd’s by asking yourself the right questions about its potential application in your office today and in the future.

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