Why Your Medical Billing Practice Needs a Folding Machine and Inserter

It’s a highly specialized office. The medical billing practice handles all billing for doctors’ offices, freeing them up to continue to practice medicine. But the medical billing office ends up doing a lot of folding bills and stuffing envelopes.

For smaller practices, you may only have 100 bills a day, but larger practices can get a few hundred bills a day. And for smaller practices to become bigger practices, they need to be able to grow through increased production.

This is where automating your mailing process can really help. With a small folder, like the 87M Manual Tabletop Folder or the 207M Manual Tabletop Folder, or even the Formax FD 320 Automatic Tabletop Folder. These folders can take your bills and fold them into C-folds, Z-folds, or any other kind of letter fold. And with the bigger folders, you can hit speeds of 11,000 pieces per hour.

Or you can even take a step up and try the Formax FD 6100 Inserter, which will fold and insert your bills into their envelopes.

Now, by upgrading to an automated solution, you’ve opened up the possibility to take on new clients, and grow as you can handle new and bigger practices.

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