HS-2000-M Manual 12-Up Handi-Slitter

Like its twin brother 10-Up model, the HS-2000-M Manual 12-Up Handi-Slitter is the economic answer to your card slitting needs. If you’re running a shop with low volume business card production, this is the slitter for you.

How is it Used?

Take your 12-up cards, the ones you printed on 8-1/2″ x 11″ or A4-size stock, and load them into the HS-2000-M Manual 12-Up Handi-Slitter. It won’t matter if they’re laser printed, foil printed, color copied, thermographed, flat printed, ink jet or computer generated. This compact model will take sheets printed in numerous forms. The HS-2000-M will quickly convert them into standard size 2″ x 3-1/2″ cards and remove the trim.

And How Much Does it Cost?

The HS-2000-M Manual 12-Up Handi-Slitter is $1,095 at Lloyd’s. Plus, we’ll throw in free shipping and a gift with your purchase.

For more information on the HS-2000-M Manual 12-Up Handi-Slitter or to place an order, please visit the Lloyd’s website.

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