Why Your Law Office Needs A Letter Folding Machine

Regardless of your specialty, family law, criminal, business, real-estate, intellectual property or others, your Law office is sending out a lot of mail. You’re sending affidavits, invoices, and information to prospective clients, and who is putting together that mail? Is your receptionist folding hundreds of letters a week? Are paralegals folding thousands a month? What about the possibility of tens of thousands of letters folded in under an hour, and giving your staff the time to still get their work finished?

This is why your law office needs a letter folding machine:

  • Free up your staff for other, less mindless work
  • Boost morale in the process
  • Have mailhouse-quality, crisp and consistent folds
  • Get the mail out faster

Plus, many letter folding machines have settings for different folds. This gives you the ability to create professional looking pamphlets or newsletters in the office without having to send them out to a specialty company for folding. Most even accept legal-sized paper. We’re not sure why that could be handy, but I’m sure it is somewhere. . .

These machines are extremely easy to use, and admittedly a little fun. The best part though, is their affordability. The productivity and time you’ll save with staff, will pay for your machine in no time.

Check out Lloyd’s of Indiana for a really great selection of letter folders and get free shipping. We promise there’s no really tiny type at the bottom of the page.

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