What Can a Letter Folding Machine Do for Your Office

Consider this.Another Scenario. You invest in a letter folding machine. They start under $900 and get really fancy around $3,000. They fold on average 12,000 sheets per hour, they’re easy to operate and they don’t take up much room. Your investment pays for itself in no time, and you have happier employees. After all, nobody really enjoys folding letters.

These folders are great for more than letters and invoices. They often take different paper sizes and weights. They have different fold settings for newsletters, brochures and pamphlets. And, some models make Julienne fries (okay, maybe not, but they do so much other stuff, you won’t even notice).

Best Bet. You get your folder from Lloyd’s with free shipping and great customer service. The price is so good, you pay for it with only a few uses. So, think about it… What can a letter folding machine do for your office?

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