Formax 3950 Series Floor-Model Production Folder

The Rolling Stones will never be your beast of burden, but this beast will bring high-efficiency production to your high-volume shop. The Formax 3950 Series Floor-Model Production Folder has three different feed configurations to choose from and can accommodate a second folder to produce second folds or cross-folds in one pass. With up to 40,000 sheets per hour and automatic fold settings, this production folder will soon become your prize possession.

How is it Used?

You’ll start with the easy to operate control panel, capable of storing 60 different jobs. The Formax 3950 Series Floor-Model Production Folder eliminates the need to re-measure and adjust fold lengths, stop positions and fold plates. The system also automatically measures paper thickness with fold roller pressure settings on the main control panel. The 3950 Series Folders process documents up to 14” wide and 25” long in a wide variety of paper stocks and coatings.

Loading your documents all depends on the feed setup you purchase. The Formax 3950 can be fitted with a standard bottom-feed air deck for continuous loading, an extended bottom-feed air deck for increased load capacity of up to 1,200 sheets, or a deep-pile feeder capable of holding up to 5,500 sheets of 20# stock. While folding, the adjustable 28”– 42” conveyor with its ever watchful photo eye will ensure that you have neat and sequential stacking. Our friends at Formax thought of everything with this machine.

And How Much Does it Cost?

The Formax 3950 Series Floor-Model Production Folder with standard features is $35,095 at Lloyd’s. An extended bottom feed deck, pile feeder and a second folder are options, and this Formax model comes with a 1-year warranty.

For more information on the Formax 3950 Series Floor-Model Production Folder or to place an order, please visit the Lloyd’s website.

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