Direct mail shops can use perforation machine to offer different options

Despite some claims, direct mail is not dying. It continues to be a valuable medium to reach a variety of audiences for impression-based marketing and direct response. As a printer you know that direct response must include a reply device, sometimes including a business reply envelope (BRE).

For many companies and especially nonprofits, direct mail campaigns include a pre-perfed, tear-off sheet to include with their response device or invoice. Many printers buy pre-perfed paper from their suppliers, but they pass that price on to you, and your choice in stock can be limited. You can save money over the long run and offer a greater variety of materials to your customer base by simply purchasing a perforating machine.

It’s not like you’re going to have to hire another specialty trained staff member to run your perf machine. They’re easy to feed, most come with memory settings and they run fast – some run more than 5,000 sheets per hour. The settings are also often customizable, so your perforation doesn’t have to be standard. It can fit the customer’s needs.

So save some time waiting on perf paper orders from your supplier. Add value to your direct mail clients. And, increase your profitability by providing one more flexible service to your repertoire.

Lloyds of Indiana has some great options for low-volume and high-volume perforation machines. Check us out for competitive pricing and great service.

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