If You Say You Do Green Printing, Make Sure You Actually Do It

If you’re going to offer green printing, you have to really offer green printing. You can’t just offer it as an option and then claim you’re a green printer. So many customers these days are all about the all or nothing. And thanks to the power of the Internet, they’ll rat you out in a heartbeat.

Why? Because sending out a 10% off on Green Printing Services for Earth Day flyer just doesn’t cut it anymore with most customers. They want to see a full and serious commitment, one that goes beyond having a carton of recycled paper and non-petroleum based inks “somewhere in the back.”

Your customers want a printer who does more than use environmentally-friendly inks or recycled paper. They want a printer who reuses or recycles scraps, composts, participates in safe disposal programs, maybe even runs biodiesel delivery trucks, and basically does everything they can to be as green as possible.

Get Your Green Out There

So, how do you get beyond the talk and show your clients you’re taking action as a green printer? Simple, tell them. Write out everything you do that makes you a “green” printer and publish it. Post it on your website, stick it on your blog (you DO have a blog, don’t you?), send it out to clients, and tack it to your wall. Just tell them. And then tell them again.

Most importantly, be honest. Don’t say you’re committed to green printing principles if you simply offer environmentally-friendly printing as part of your options roster. There’s no shame in the truth and you should be proud of what you are doing. Remember, customers love transparency and it’s the key to building trust in your business – particularly when it comes to any and all claims of “green.”

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