Sometimes You Just Gotta Have a Low Volume Sealer

Sometimes, sealing envelopes with a sponge and a bit of water just doesn’t cut it. That’s when its time for the Formax AutoSeal FD 1500 Low Volume Tabletop Pressure Sealer – the best device for checks, reports, forms, invoices and other single-sheet mailers.

What Does it Do?

There’s a reason why the Formax Low Volume Pressure Sealer is the industry standard for sealing one-piece, pressure-sensitive mailers. Attacking the job with both speed and delicacy, the AutoSeal FD 1500 can seal up to 85 pieces per minute and up to 20,000 pieces per month.

It has a six-digit resettable counter and a three-roller top feed system for easy and fast loading with no paper fanning required. It’s great for custom mailers too as it can handle Z-folds, uneven Z-folds, half folds, C-folds and even custom folds. On top of all this, its easy-to-use, reliable and durable. Formax is a brand known for its quality and the AutoSeal FD 1500 is no exception.

And How Much Does it Cost?

The AutoSeal FD 1500 Low Volume Tabletop Sealer by Formax sells for $3995 on the Lloyd’s of Indiana website. It also comes with a 1-year warranty and the option to extend.

You can get more information on the Formax FD 1500 Low Volume Sealer here.

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