Fight the Big Box Stores Part 3

Specific Strategies

A few months ago, I was reading Print Professional magazine and they had an incredible article titled ‘David vs. Goliath’ (by Elise Hacking, Aug 2008 issue). In that article they featured several printing companies that are actively winning the commercial printing battle.

Dupli-Systems put their prepress manager in the same room as their sales people, therefore making sure jobs run smoother, faster and more efficiently for customers. J&A Printing in Iowa has carved a niche for itself by adding specialty equipment for direct-mail pieces and Thornhill Printing in Pennsylvania upgraded their equipment to meet specific customer needs.

These were all specific strategies designed to set them apart from the big box competition.

So, where can you carve a niche? How can you set your print shop business apart?

Will you:

  • Invest in the technology to embed RFID and other chips into your printing?
  • Specialize in large-scale banner printing?
  • Fine-tune your direct mail services to offer more options?
  • Add a contract designer to your roster to become full-service?
  • Focus on niche items like tickets or security badges?
  • Or come up with something totally new?

Let us know, comments or suggestions are welcome in the comments section.

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