Our Customer Service Secret? We Use What We Sell!

When Lloyds of Indiana first started over twenty years ago, we were a print-service-only business. Today, we’re both a service provider and a product seller. By adapting our business model, we’ve become the premiere sign and print shop provider for both equipment and consulting advice in the Midwest.

Why? Because, we USE the equipment that we SELL!

We Love The Trenches

Lloyds of Indiana may sell high-end printing equipment, but we still have a print shop and we still take on print jobs – that means we’re in the trenches using the equipment every day and passing that experience on to you. And, because printing and printing equipment is our business – we’re out there staying on top of new technology (like UV curable printing) and being at the forefront of product knowledge.

Our Six Customer Types, Which One Are You?

Lloyds is unique in that we service six different kinds of customers.

They are:

1. Simple Printing: the individual user buying top quality home office equipment like lamination machines and document shredders.

2. Small Biz Printing: the small business that purchases equipment for its document finishing needs like booklet makers and paper cutters.

3. Large Mailroom: the corporation or institution that needs in-house equipment for binding and mailing preparation

4. Print Shop: the document center tackling high-end printing jobs, business card runs and other major prints which require specialties like round cornering and badge printing

5. Sign Shop: the sign shop who use UV curable printers and other large-scale equipment and finally

6. Print Service: our own print customers who order UV curable and other print jobs directly from the Lloyds print shop

So, how do we do it? How do we retain so many customers from such a broad cross-section of the industry?

Because we know our products and we always make it personal.

Every time you call Lloyds of Indiana, a person (yes, a real live person) answers the phone and every time you have a question about our products, we can answer it. Personal service combined with superior product knowledge is something I am (somewhat obsessively) passionate about and hope it is obvious to you whenever you work with us.

P.S. If you are in the print or sign shop industry, what do you do to stand out, let the world know in the comments below.

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