An Ageless Book Binding Story

Today as I sat down to blog, I really wanted to talk about this certain product I find myself recommending a lot. But rather than slapping down the typical feature & benefit schpeel, I thought you’d like a story instead… So sit back and imagine this:

[Curtain opens: Laura is wrestling with a coil binding machine. Narrator speaks.]

“Laura used to bind the old fashioned way –with a standard, coil binding machine. Her reports and proposals came out looking like middle-school assignments. The covers were hastily printed and the plastic coil binding never seemed to be centered correctly. Every time she’d open one of her old reports, the pages would get stuck on tangled, thick, black coils.”

[Laura pauses, touches her forehead with the back of her hand and sighs dramatically. Narrator speaks.]

“Did she really spend two months working on this report to have it turn out like this?”

[Laura begins to rifle through her desk, cabinets and bookshelves as she makes her way to stage left, scattering pages across the floor. Narrator speaks.]

“Not only were Laura’s well-written progress reports a printing and binding disaster, they were hard to find. Her office was a sea of documents without proper spines. She had to sift through every report from the last five years if she ever wanted to track down anything. Her bookshelves looked like a wall of black coils, a dizzying zebra pattern that made it impossible to know what was where or where was what. Add to this the box of unorganized coiling supplies and Laura’s office was a total disaster.”

[Laura, in a fresh new outfit, enters from stage left with a Unibinder in her hand and proceeds to create a beautifully bound book. Narrator speaks.]

“That is, until Laura discovered the Unibind system – a simple desktop solution that produces a perfectly bound document every time (and with a spine)! No hole punching, no insertion and no more wrestling with awkward coils.”

[Laura pauses, draws the Unibinder to her chest and embraces it. Narrator speaks.]

“Now, Laura is heat-binding her reports with beautiful covers, even hardback ones. Her literary canon of progress statements and purchasing proposals now line the office shelves with spines proudly shouting their titles. Instead of being tossed in the recycling bin, her white papers are now displayed on the lobby coffee tables. And after years of untangling plastic coils, our Laura is finally making and binding documents worthy of their author and content – with Unibind. “

[Laura holds her bound book admiringly and smiles. Curtains close. The end.]

Ever been there? Can you relate to Laura? Well, maybe your life is a bit less dramatic but I think we all know the feeling of finding a tool that changes our work life. Why not tell your colleagues about it in the comments below…

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