Protect Your Photographs Forever

“Today’s ink jet and dye sublimation printed photographs need special protection”.

So says the President  of Lloyds of Indiana, and he could not be more correct in his words. The protection of our photos is of paramount importance whether they are taken for business, such as in the case of the realtor’s photo array, or for personal use, to document an important life event for ourselves, our business, or our children.

Business documentation is a necessity in today’s world. Low cost digital photography has made it easier to add photographs to business record, but traditional filing methods often expose photographs to damaging acids. The result: a photo may be rendered useless in a few years in the filing cabinet. Because photographic evidence is often used by individuals as well as companies and law enforcement agencies to illustrate and emphasize actions, or lack of action at any given time.

Your important life events are often documented in the form of photos for your children and grandchildren so that they are not only committed to memory, but illustrated in color for them to view time and time again.  Unfortunately, modern inkjet and dye sublimation printers don’t provide any protection from chemicals and environmental factors that can lighten, darken and alter colors.

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