Keep that business card cutter working for you

Your clients still need you to have a business card cutter. This is another area where print is “not” dead. businesscardsThe pundits say, “No one needs a business card today. You can exchange information through your phone.” Yet, it is simply not true. I got caught in an elevator with someone who asked us about UV coating. We give him a quick pitch. It generated interest then he asked for my business card. I forgot my business cards. The opportunity was lost.

Something as simple as a business card still plays an important role in your brand marketing. Like all marketing, everything should tie together and convey a consistent message to your prospects and customers. Brand impressions are powerful in the mind of your prospects. Your logo, your colors, your message need to be consistent throughout their presentations. Your business card should reflect this as well. That business card cutter still has value to your business.

How do I compete with companies like Vistaprint?

You don’t. If you give Vistaprint your business card business, what other business can they take from you? Your customer has a total value to you over 12 months, not just for each job. If you hand over business cards, you could also start losing the other business. It is important to convey your value in terms of the total solution versus individual project costs.

So, if you have a business card cutter that is being underused. Fire it back up and tell your customers they still need business cards. If you need one, well we have them.

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