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UV Coating Machine Applications: Direct Mail

UV Coating Machines give you the flexibility to finish high quality direct mail pieces for your customers at an economical rate for them. Instead of a cheap post card with simple text, you can print and finish high gloss pieces that stand out to the eye. Direct mail campaigns can yield results today that email is no longer capable of delivering.picture of stamps

What does it cost to use Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)?  It’s pretty cheap. EDDM postage is low at 14.2 cents  a piece. Your customers do not need a mailing permit. The direct mail pieces do not need to be addressed which makes production costs even lower to produce. Your UV Coating machine can give their finished mail piece the protection and shine to withstand delivery.

Let’s compare that with traditional direct mail. If your customers go the traditional route, the costs for standard postage is around 25 cents a piece or double EDDM.  In addition, their bulk mail needs to be addressed and presorted adding cost to production. Of course, if they do not have a mailing list, they will need to purchase or rent one. If they don’t have a bulk mailing permit, they will need to get one or hire another vendor who does. Here is where direct mail becomes cost prohibitive, especially for small customrs.

So, EDDM helps keep costs down for your customers. Keep in mind, it can still cost 5 to 7 times more to find new customers than it does to sell to existing customers. EDDM helps get those costs down at 14 cents a piece.

What size should you send? Here is where there are some restrictions for your customers to consider. EDDM mail pieces are restricted to be larger than 6” x 11” but no bigger than 12” x 15”. So, postcards and letter size envelopes are not applicable. This is an important message you need to share with your customers.

EDDM is perfect for small business. Your UV coating machine can help them ensure your direct mail piece stands out.