Pouch Lamination For Office Or Home Use

Pouch lamination provides a versatile approach to protecting documents, cards, badges or photos. So, you can easily using a pouch lamination machine at home too. There are many applications for its use in the office. Any business that uses ID Badges, you will find they are using a pouch laminator to finish the ID Badge.

Pouch Laminator for the house?

Hear me out. You just got married and your Grandmother or your bride’s Grandmother was gracious enough to hand write her recipes on index cards to help you get started. The problem is, you are clumsy in the kitchen and the first thing you do is spill your soda on the card and the ink starts to run. Seem silly? It happened to me. So what did I do? I brought home a small pouch laminator and laminated all my Grandmother’s recipes.

Now, there are other applications at home too. You can laminate your phone lists. You can laminate your calendars in the kitchen. You can laminate photos that you display on the refrigerator. Anything that needs protection from spills, falling on the floor, or tears, a pouch laminator can get the job done at home.

Pouch Laminator for the Office

The same scenario applies in the office. A small pouch laminator has many uses from temporary ID Cards to Checklists. There are instructions that employees need to follow or checklists that need to be used before a project is completed and shipped to a customer. Instead of using a piece of paper, you can laminate the documents, so it is easy to read and make sure the checklist is followed. Phone lists can be laminated and distributed to colleagues in the office. Unless someone throws it into a fire, they are pretty indestructible once they are laminated.

And of course, there are many marketing applications for an office pouch laminator. You can laminate counter mats for customer to read while they are waiting. Or, we have a client that puts their pricing on a laminated card that is distributed to all their locations which are shared with customers. An inexpensive, versatile piece of equipment.

How hard are they to use?

They come in multiple sizes from the smallest Data Card at 2 5/16″ x 3 1/4″ to the largest which is Menu Size at 12″ x 18″. Here are the different sizes you can find.

They are really simple to use. This video runs through a pretty simple demonstration on how to use a pouch laminator.

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