MBM 87M Manual Tabletop Folder

Don’t worry, the MBM 87M Manual Tabletop Folder won’t wear you out. It’s a nice little machine that will save your office time and money. And, despite its low cost, it will still crank out up to 7,200 sheets per hour.

How is it Used?

The 87M Manual Tabletop folder will accept 150 sheets at a time up to 8 1/2″ x 14″ and as small as 4″ x 5″ in size. Four standard folds are marked by color coded fold plates and their setup is the only thing manual about this machine. Otherwise, it will run through your sheets on two speeds and will stop automatically after the last sheet is folded. I like the auto-stop feature because that way I don’t have to babysit it.

And How Much Does it Cost

The 87M Manual Tabletop Folder is $409 at Lloyd’s.  We’ll throw in free shipping and a gift with your purchase.

For more information on the 87M manual tabletop folder or to place an order, please visit the Lloyd’s website.

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