Formax 6202 AutoSeal® Advanced Office Inserter Series

Your employees will give thanks when you provide the office with a Formax 6202 AutoSeal® Advanced Office Inserter. This flexible product series will make folding and inserting less of a chore. Your Formax 6202 will fold up to five sheets at a time at incredible speeds while keeping everything in line and stuffing newsletters, invoices or checks into outgoing mail with ease.

How is it Used?

Our friends at Formax don’t call this an “advanced” inserter for nothing. You’ll begin your project with the 6202 AutoSeal® Advanced Office Inserter with just a touch of a button. The unique AutoSet TM feature automatically measures paper lengths, envelope sizes and fold lengths. Plus, if you have insert projects that come up again and again, simply store the settings for that job and recall it with ease on the intuitive control panel. You’ll get the standard folds (C, V, Z and Double Parallel) with the Formax Advanced, and fold the 325 sheets in each feeder at 2,200 sheets per hour. It’s even versatile enough to fold and insert stapled sets.

The Formax 6202 AutoSeal® Advanced Office Inserter comes in a couple different configurations. You have a choice of two automatic feeders on the Basic 2 model: one sheet feeder and one insert/BRE feeder with the Advanced 1; or two sheet feeders and one insert/BRE feeder on the AutoSeal® Advance 2. It’s your choice and it’s all in the compact design and reliable operation you’ve come to expect from Formax products.

And How Much Does it Cost?

The Formax 6202 AutoSeal® Advance Office Inserter Series is $10,395 at Lloyd’s. We’ll throw in free shipping and a gift with your purchase.

For more information on the FD 6202 Inserter Series or to place an order, please visit the Lloyd’s website.

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