Jumbo Size Laminating Pouches (2 15/16″ x 4 1/8″)

We sell laminating pouches up to 12″ x 18″, so when we say “jumbo,” we mean in relation to most laminating pouches out there, not the biggest size we have. These “jumbo” size laminating pouches are actually slightly smaller than your typical index card.

How are they Used?

Every box of jumbo size laminating pouches comes with a carrier cover. If your machine requires one, simply wrap the pouch around the sheet you want to laminate, cover with the carrier cover (leave it off if it’s not needed) and run it through the machine.

Our pouches are designed to work with any laminating machine and are available in three different laminate thicknesses – 5 mil, 7 mil and 10 mil. Before you purchase the 10 mil jumbo pouches, make sure your machine can handle a laminate of this thickness.

And How Much Does it Cost?

A box of 500 jumbo size laminating pouches at Lloyd’s costs $13.87. You can save money by buying in bulk. For example, an order of 20 boxes will only cost you $11.10 per box.

For more information on our jumbo size laminating pouches or to place an order, please visit the Lloyd’s website.

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