Green Book Printing: Good for the Reader, Good for the Publisher

Going green is not a state of mind. It’s a statement and reality check, and it’s here to stay. It’s not just local printers who are doing it. It’s gaining national and even worldwide acceptance. Printing companies, copiers, and publishing companies are relying on green printing more and more.

Lately, the book industry has been trying to lower its environmental impacts and adopt greener practices. According to an article in Sustainablog, published in March 2009, they are also being realistic and checking out who actually prints books the green way.

Deb Bruner serves as Pinnacle Press’ director of book publishing and eco-friendly initiatives. Prior to Pinnacle, Bruner worked as the director of book publishing papers for New Leaf Paper, the environmentally friendly paper merchant, where she managed mill relationships and developed sales opportunities.

Bruner said that in 2002, Pinnacle Press began printing on recycled sheet for book jackets and have continued ever since. And Pinnacle does this not only for the customers, but for themselves, improving its lot by increasing the need of recycled paper.

By incorporating these eco-friendly practices and offering green products, Bruner said it serves her company and customers well. Pinnacle takes pride in its efforts to be environmentally responsible at the corporate level. They also try to get involved with organizations such as the Book Industry Environmental Council, so they can help educate publishers and other customers on green products and practices so they can become more knowledgeable.

As a result, customers come to them because of their green practices and paper offerings. Bruner also said others are happy to learn about Pinnacle’s practices. Bruner admitted there are customers who are only interested in pricing, and not green ideas, but they still take the time to educate all their customers about their green offerings.

Bruner believes because Pinnacle has gone green, their efforts have helped the company and their customers. She said many in the publishing and book printing industry are now so invested that it’s only a matter of time before they all go green.

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