New Printing Technology is Changing How Signs & Banners are Printed

Wide format, UV Curable printing is changing the print industry and if you’re not on board, you’re going to miss out. I’ll admit that when I was first introduced to UV Curable printers, I was a little hesitant because sometimes products that tout higher capacities and lower costs often come with a hitch – like lower quality, particularly in the banner printing industry.

But, ever since we brought our first UV Curable printer into the Lloyds of Indiana office, I’ve been a convert. These machines consistently put out high quality, versatile print jobs for a fraction of the costs of traditional cut vinyl methods.

They can cut labor costs by up to 75%, lower printing costs by 65% and increase your production capacity by 65%. And because of their speed, quality and reliability, they’re quickly becoming a mainstay in most print shops – meaning if you don’t have one, your competitor probably does and he’s already undercutting you on prices.

The Legend 72HUV wide-format printer [(which we sell) costs less than $80,000, but it goes way beyond entry-level. This beast of a printer can print full-graphics directly to a sign or almost any surface and it can do a standard banner printing job in about 7 minutes. The best part? It does it for about $0.28 per square foot (putting it on par with single cut vinyl methods).

I’m also consistently amazed by the variety of surfaces that you can print on with this machine. It goes way beyond basic banner printing. You can print on any flat surface, including rigid media, or mediums like paper, cloth or vinyl. We once used it to print on a door.

I can’t say it enough though – if you’re running a high-traffic print shop or you want to be a high-traffic print shop and you’re not using wide format UV Curable printing methods, you’re missing out.

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