Quick Thought on Selling

I was reading Pursuasive Business Proposals by Tom Sant and a thought occurred to me.  When was the last time you delivered a proposal worth more than $5,000?

Did you just email it? Or did you give it the royal treatment and bind it and hand deliver it?

Chances are we all would sell more if we took a few minutes and realized that presenting a proposal worth $5,000 or even $50,000 in a $2.00 three ring binder from Staples is not going to make the impression you need. 

I wonder how many proposals get thrown away because they just don’t look good.

Here are a few quick ways to make that proposal look like it deserves to be considered:

  • Get a Unibind Machine and some Steelbook covers.  When you bind your proposal in a Steelbook, you get a genuine hardback book which will stand out compared to coil and comb bound proposals.  Unibind also has matching folders for your support material.
  • For proposals with lots of tables and charts, use plastic coil or wire coil binding so the proposal can open flat.
  • Avoid Comb binding and folders.

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