Paper Folders

A paper folder is a machine used in the print finishing industry to simple fold paper in a fast and efficient manner. A paper folder utilizes a type of knife or buckle to accomplish the dogmatic task of folding paper. The main categories of paper folders include buckle paper folders, knife paper folders and a combination of the two. Different types of paper folders are desired by finishing or printing firms to achieve a varied effect of folded paper. Most paper folders provide a standard uniform paper folding application; however, specialty paper folders (such as paper folders found in the combination category of paper folders) can provide a distinct fold or even multiple folds of a single piece of paper.

A buckle paper folder works by feeding a sheet of paper in high speeds until it literally “buckles.” Once the paper has buckled, rollers are used to pull the piece of paper through the folding process to complete the desired fold. Buckle paper folders are used for high volume applications and standardized paper folding effects.

A knife paper folder uses a dull blade (similar to a knife) to push a sheet of paper through a set of rollers to provide a uniform crease or fold. Most knife paper folders are used for thicker or heavy duty types of paper to preform cross folds. A knife folder is ideal for medium to high paper folding volumes.

Combination paper folders usually have a few options to folding your paper to a desired measure and can be used as either a knife or buckle folder in some instances.

Aside from standard paper folders, paper folder inserters and paper folder sealers are widely used for extend paper folding practices.

Paper folder inserters are designed with direct mailing in mind. A paper folder folds a sheet of paper or document and places it into an envelope and then seals the envelope for use. Most paper folder inserters are a combination of buckle or knife paper folding machines.

Paper folder sealers are used in conjunction with pressure sensitive paper. Most pressure sealers are used to create mailing pieces without envelopes. As a paper folder sealer has an additional set of rollers that apply pressure to special paper, it seals documents without the hassle of manual adjustments. Most documents used by a paper folder sealer are opened by tearing a perforated edge.

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