Rhin-O-Tuff Punch Dies: You Can Punch for Anything

Rhin-O-Tuff, maker of some of the best binding machines in the industry are some of the versatile machines you can buy. If you invest in their punch dies, they are pretty much interchangeable with most of their machines. There are some dies that are specific to a particular machine, but the standard punches like coil, comb or wire can be used across all machines including their OD and HD line of Onyx machines.

So what kinds of patterns do they have?

There are up to 20 different patterns for coil, comb and wire. Today, we are just going to look at the most popular that people use, they include:

Binding Coil Punch

4:1 .250 Round – It has a hole size of 11/64” Diameter with a margin of .168” between holes.
4:1 .250 Oval – It has a hole size of 3.5mm wide and 4.4mm diameter with a .188” margin.

Also available are European style punches for coil:

5mm .1969” Round – It has a hole size of 9/64” diameter with a .160” margin.
6mm .2362” Round – The hole size is 11/64” diameter with .160” margin.
6mm .2363” Oval – The hole size is 3.5 mm wide and 4.4mm diameter with a .188” margin.

Metal Wire Punch

2:1 .500” Round – It has a hole size of 1/4” diameter with a .250” margin.
2:1 .500” Rectangle – It has a hole size of 1/4”wide 1/8” tall with a .188” margin.
2:1 .500” Square – It has a hole size of 1/4” square with a .250” margin.

Plastic Comb Punch

Comb .5625” (9/16” Adjustable) Rectangle – It has a hole size of 5/16” wide and 1/8” tall ” with a .245 to 156” margin.

If you need 3 hole punch or Plastic Velo punch, you can find those too. With a standard coil, wire or comb, you can handle any punch you need. You can even run special dies if you need them. All parts are made in the USA.

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Author: Garry Jones

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